I write, perform, and produce on my three person indie sketch team, The Hubbies. Together we create shows built around the idea that they are huge, insane ideas that pack a ton of funny people from NYC into an hour. 


Penn Station Area Sketch Festival

This is an entire 60-act sketch festival packed into one hour. There's a town hall, theater cleanings, a party space- it has everything. Plus 60 sketch teams doing one minute of comedy. 







Like a rap battle, but for bits. Thirty-two comedians enter a bracket and face off one-on-one to make the other person and the audience laugh. 



The Slam Dunk Competition

A whole bunch of comedians came to do characters and bits that all ended with monster slam dunks. Expert commentary done by the Hubbies. 


Disaster City

A live disaster movie that unfolded on stage as forty comedians came to do disaster themed characters while the Hubbies, three beach cops, tried to get the '76 Dolphins Super Bowl Ring to help save Miami from being demolished every type of natural disaster. 

Evening Night

A late night talk show with three hosts (the Hubbies) that featured over thirty comedians doing impressions of celebrities.